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We are artists who, in the 90’s took a detour into LathArt. We found a piece of Degroot LathArt in Robinson’s wallpaper store in North Carolina while on vacation and had it sent home We designed a few more pieces. All was quiet until the house went up for sale. More people wanted to buy the LathArt than the house!! That started us in the kit and pattern business. We created shortcuts, bought wood, premixed and packaged the stains, and took the kit to Sears just before Christmas and had line-ups!! We were selling a kit for $44.99 including everything but the glue and backerboard. The idea was a complete do-it-yourself kit that was a finished framed piece for your home, and also a lesson in a box.

After an article in Wood Magazine and Creative Woodworks, big business came calling, (well, small big business) and in 1997 we sold 10 designs to a group who called themselves Woodscape Art Kit. We showed them how to make Lathart and Lathart Kits, how to cut wood with lazers, and make stains and wood blanks. These guys operated on their own for many years, and created many of their own designs.

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